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“I enjoyed your class. You are a great teacher [to Kevin Figg] and should you ever stop doing that just be a comedian - making people laugh is a real gift. Please know how much I appreciated the help and all you had to offer. I will send you people!” — Jean Benham
“The presentation and approach to teaching us and your hands-on experiences were excellent. I was nervous yet quite confident with the PSI exam, which I passed last week, thanks to your tests, reviews etc.” — Gale Mueller
“I sure enjoyed the class and probably learned more than I realized. I passed the PSI and will now decide which direction I will take in a real estate career. There seems to be many directions that are possible. You are a very talented teacher. [Kevin Figg] During our classes I spoke with the other students and they all, without any reservations, enjoyed you and your classes. I personally enjoyed your sense of humor and the stories always related to the subject. The class was fun and informative because you have that unique ability to communicate clearly and effectively. I believe you are indeed blessed with a very special quality that makes learning fun. Thanks again and good luck in all your efforts. It was truly my pleasure to be in your class.” — Warren Johansen
“I have had the pleasure to take my 30 hours course at Success Real Estate School with Kevin Figg. I just wanted to let you know that she is a truly fantastic instructor... she is a pleasure to be around. She is professional, funny and just a very nice person all around... Success Real Estate School is truly a success in my book.” — Nikki Pena
“Honestly, I have to admit that I was not happy with the fact that I was required to attend another class in order to keep my real estate license. I was sure that each and every minute would tick by so slowly and that I would be suffering through every one of them. But now, after attending your class, I wanted you to know that your pertinent discussions, helpful hints, and most of all your sense of humor made the time fly by. I was sitting on the edge of my seat most of the time just waiting to hear what you were going to say next. I can't thank you enough! I am positive that the information and insight you provided will be a boost to the beginning of my real estate career and that some of the techniques you taught will be ones that I will always use. I fact, at the end of the class, I was even a little disappointed that it was the end of our time together!” — Katrina Greer