Are You Considering a Career in Real Estate?

It's the reality of the 21st century... If you don't take charge of your life, it's only a matter of time before you're too old to get a better job... or you're put to pasture when your company "down-sizes" to survive. Start today preparing for a career where you write your own paycheck.

We can provide the accredited pre-licensing training to be eligible to sit for the state real estate exam. You will be taught in a professionally equipped learning center. A staff of experienced real estate professionals will prepare you for the exam with "test-like" questions. Once licensed, where you go is totally up to you.

Required Class for a Real Estate License

How to get started in a career in real estate

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Is a career in real estate right for you?

Read through the following statements:

These are characteristics of successful real estate associates. If you feel these statements are true for you, then a career in real estate sales may be just what you are looking for.